Living In a Co-op

Living in a Co-op

Before applying for membership, it is important for you to understand that each member of The Davidson Creek Housing Cooperative (DCHC) must assist in the activities, maintenance and business of the Coop. These duties include serving on the Board of Directors or on one of the various committees.

Regular participation in the business and maintenance of the Coop is compulsory for all members. All day-to-day operations of the complex are performed by the members who live here. The members are the Landlord and the Management Company rolled into one. As a member of DCHC you will be called upon to perform various duties and aid in the interview and inspection processes. This condition of membership is placed upon every member who lives within the Coop, and is part of the occupancy contract you will sign if you are accepted.

Apart from the actual Board of Director positions, DCHC currently has the following committees: Membership, Maintenance, and Finance. More may be added over time. You are encouraged to join as many as you are interested in, but attendance and participation in at least one is mandatory for every member of the Coop in addition to the standard inspection and interviewing requirements. This community involvement is the basis of cooperative living.

In addition to the volunteer duties described above, each member must regularly attend the General Meetings, which are typically scheduled on a bimonthly basis. At these meetings the entire Coop discusses the business of the past and coming months, and addresses any other concerns. All decisions are put to a democratic vote, so your attendance at these meetings is vitally important for determining the future of the Coop.