Davidson Creek Housing Cooperative Ltd. was an idea whose time had come! It fulfilled a long-standing need for attractive and affordable housing in Sherwood Park, Alberta.

The cooperative was founded in 1988 by a group of single mothers. The project began with an interest survey and the assistance of the various levels of government and the community. A housing cooperative consulting group (Communitas, Inc.) worked with the founding families to help the cooperative become a reality.

Davidson Creek Housing Cooperative Ltd. was incorporated on July 5, 1989 and construction began on January 2, 1990. Members had input into the design and development of the cooperative and in the development of a “community within a community,” here in one of the newest areas of Sherwood Park.

In order to provide needed assistance to many family units whose resources are stretched to the limit, 50% of the 52 units are subsidized. The Robin Hood Association for the Handicapped has been a part of the cooperative since its inception, providing assisted living arrangements for physically and mentally challenged individuals, while involving the group in the daily operations of this unique community concept. The Robin Hood Association has created five accessible units which are dispersed throughout the complex. This is a community composed of a mixture of traditional families, single-parent families, individuals, and retirees – a situation which is encouraged by the absence of a family income limit in the cooperative. One of the objectives of the cooperative has been to create an integrated community. The cooperative tries to maintain 35% of the units for single-parent families and 10% of the units for those individuals under the care of Robin Hood.